Snowmobiling in Greenstone

We are happy to announce that with a unanimous vote from both clubs we have now become the new Greenstone Snowmobile Club. Our new executive is as follows Eric Corbin- president, Jennifer Gosselin-vice president, Elise Corbin-treasurer, Mathieu Lemieux-secretary, plus 3 voting directors Nicholas Beaulieu, Donna Pelletier & Tammy Bedard

Together we will bring are combined trail and resources together providing hundreds of km of pristine wilderness trails with an extended season. All located directly off the Transcanada highway in Northwestern Ontario.

Curieux de savoir ce que nous avons à offrir? Nous sommes au cœur de la forêt boréale et nous nous considérons très chanceux d’avoir toujours de très beaux hivers, froids et remplis de neige. Un paradis pour ceux qui aiment explorer la nature sur une de nos pistes entretenue par nos clubs ou simplement sur nos chantiers et vieux chemins de bois. Notre histoire de motoneige remonte aux travaux de bénévoles franco-ontariens dans les années 1970 et nous sommes fiers de continuer cette tradition. Communiquez avec nous pour toutes  questions. Nous vous remercions grandement de l’achat de votre permis pour appuyer les clubs de motoneige de Longlac et de Geraldton.

We would like to thank all the locals who have purchase a trail permit this year. We would also like to thank all the people who have purchase their permits online from other district and other parts of North America to help support our clubs. We do encourage you to pass the word around and the next time you purchase your online permit, give it to the Longlac Snow Club or the Geraldton Snow Club, we need all the support we could get. Only with an increase in permits will we be able to open new trails!


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Experience snowmobiling in the Municipality of Greenstone. A snowmobilers paradise nestled in the Boreal forest. Hundreds of kilometers of groomed trails await, spectacular scenery and all the shops and services to meet your needs. 

...did we mention, there's always plenty of the white stuff. 

Check back often for updates, trail conditions and upcoming snowmobile events in the Municipality of Greenstone.



Recent news and announcements

Feb 09.2016 Update

Posted by on Feb 9, 2016 in Club News | Comments Off on Feb 09.2016 Update

Let’s go sledding!! The Greenstone Snowmobile Club would like to inform everyone that all of our trails have been opened for over a month now. In fact, we where the first in all of Ontario to open a part of our trails this year. This would not have been possible without all the hard work from all of our volunteers. The Greenstone Snowmobile Club would like to remind everyone to have a look at our website,, for a list of all the poker runs for the season. One has already gone by, but the second one will be on Monday, February...

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Greenstone Snow Club update Jan 19.2015

Posted by on Jan 19, 2016 in Club News | Comments Off on Greenstone Snow Club update Jan 19.2015

Yes we are still here! It’s been a slow start like many other snow clubs across Ontario this year, do in part to the late winter we’ve had so far. Many club’s across Ontario are faced with “swamping” the Groomer because the ground is not frozen yet. But this hasn’t stop us from moving ahead with our club. As you know the Longlac and Geraldton Snow Club have joined force together, so that we can better server our community. The Longlac groomer is down for the count, but with the help of District 15, we were able to get...

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Longlac and Geraldton Snowmobile Club October 2015 update

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015 in Club News | Comments Off on Longlac and Geraldton Snowmobile Club October 2015 update

Did you know there is only 11 weeks until winter is finally here? Lucky for us they say we are going to be blessed with a wonderful winter with a lot of snow and mild temperatures. You know what that means; everyday day off will be a sled day! I, Eric Corbin, the Vice-President of the Longlac Snowmobile Club attended the OFSC AGM in Collingwood this September. I also attended the District 15 meetings in Kapuskasing this summer and in September again, representing both snowmobile clubs in Greenstone. We were well accepted, everyone was happy...

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Kenogamisis Fish and Game Lead by new President

Posted by on May 13, 2015 in Club News | Comments Off on Kenogamisis Fish and Game Lead by new President

How to stay good bye to a community that you love. As many of you may have heard, yes I have decided to leave my home here in Geraldton and relocate to Sudbury. Not a easy decision when you already enjoy living in a wonderful small community like Greenstone. So many opportunities, so many things to do; and don’t let others tell you any different!  Living in a small community is all about giving back to your community. I do have deep roots in Greenstone, born in Hillsport then Nakina, on to Longlac and now Geraldton for the past 13 years.  The...

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End of season 2014/2015

Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in Club News | Comments Off on End of season 2014/2015

  What an amazing winter we’ve had! Nothing makes us snowmobilers happier then when it snows. we were lucky again this year and had plenty of it!  We had a challenging start of our season this year, with many things happening to us. First, our volunteers from both clubs spent countless hours brushing our trail system.   This year for some reason Mother Nature made the brush grow a lot more than in other years. I didn’t mind the extra work it gave me, I actually lost a few pounds but still a lot of work. Mechanical break downs started early as...

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