Longlac and Geraldton Snowmobile Club October 2015 update

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Did you know there is only 11 weeks until winter is finally here? Lucky for us they say we are going to be blessed with a wonderful winter with a lot of snow and mild temperatures. You know what that means; everyday day off will be a sled day!

I, Eric Corbin, the Vice-President of the Longlac Snowmobile Club attended the OFSC AGM in Collingwood this September. I also attended the District 15 meetings in Kapuskasing this summer and in September again, representing both snowmobile clubs in Greenstone. We were well accepted, everyone was happy to see us there and I am looking forward to working with them in making snowmobiling in Greenstone better for everyone. I have to say it feels good to be part of a District again. Now that we are part of District 15 we will be getting a lot more funding to help us keep the groomers and trails in perfect condition.

I am glad to announce that the trail permit price stayed the same this year. Make sure to purchase your trail permit online between October 1st and November 1st, 2015 to get it at the great price of 180$. When you buy you permit online make sure to select either the Longlac or Geraldton Snowmobile Club so that the money comes back to our clubs. A percentage of the money from each trail permit sold comes back to the clubs to finance the groomer and maintain our trails for the winter.

District 15 is working on a number of projects to re-connect us to other communities. One of the project is to re-open the A trail from Longlac to Hearst. If our clubs keep growing as they have been in the past two winters with the numbers of members / snowmobilers on the rise in the Greenstone area the trail might be re-opened by next winter.

Both the Longlac and Geraldton Snowmobile Club have been busy getting ready for this winter already. The planning for the Young Driver Snowmobile Course has also been started.

The Geraldton Snowmobile Club has already started the maintenance on their groomer by installing a new radiator. They are also looking into ways to repair the drag.

The Longlac Snowmobile Club has been busy all summer working with the Municipality of Greenstone and the MNR on finding the proper way to sell the Longlac Snowmobile club, Club House. It is a burden on the club and an expense that we cannot afford anymore. By being able to sell the Club House it will allow the Longlac Snowmobile Club to relocate their money into the groomer and the trails. At the end of the day we all want nice trails to ride our sleds on.

The Longlac Snowmobile Club has also already started the groomer maintenance and the trail maintenance as well. So far the summer has been nice to us, there is not too many trees in the trails. However, all the rain has certainly assisted the brushes to grow fast. We will be spending a lot of hours on the brush saw to make sure you have great wide trails to ride this winter.

The Geraldton Snowmobile Club will be having their next meeting on Thursday October 22nd, 2015 at 7:00pm at the Fish and Game.

The Longlac Snowmobile Club will be having their next meeting on Monday October 12th, 2015 at 7:00pm at the Tourist Information Center in Longlac.

Everyone is welcome to both meetings. If you would like to become a volunteer, join the club, or simply curious to find out more on everything that is happening with the clubs, everyone is always welcome. We are always looking for volunteers.

Until next time, make sure to buy your trail permit and get your sleds ready because winter is coming faster then you think!

Eric Corbin


Longlac Snowmobile Club