Geraldton Snow Club

Geraldton Snow Club

The Kenogamisis Fish and Game Sno Club has been in operation since the early 1939. The land they occupy by the beautiful shores of Kenogamisis Lake where the clubhouse, RV Camp ground, and garage are located, has been privately owned and operated by the club since its inception.

Over the years, the Club has hosted many different types of outdoor activities for its members and community at large, such as the all famous Geraldton Walleye Classic fish derby and the junior walleye fish derby, family picnics, and even swimming lesson were offered at one time. And, who can’t forget the Midnight dances that were held at the club house during the late 80’s.

In 1990 the then Geraldton Sno club and Kenogamisis Fish and Game Protective association amalgamated to become the Kenogamisis Fish and Game Sno club. Activities such as snowmobile races, poker run, etc, were quite common back in the day. The developments of an interknit snowmobile trail system was put into place, and to this day attracts 100’s out of town snowmobilers to our area every year, helping our local economy, and also entertaining many locals who use the trails.

But like many other volunteer organizations, much has changed as to how the clubs can operate. New laws and plenty of red tape have made it very difficult to keep the club alive. It has always been due to the firm dedication of a few volunteers that make the club a place the members can still enjoy and reap the benefit of what this club has to offer.

In 2012 the Kenogamisis Fish and Game Sno Club, separated to become the Kenogamisis Fish and Game Conversation, and the Geraldton Snow Club.

Together with the help of volunteers we will to continue on the tradition of keeping these two club’s activities alive and well for many years to come. As usual the club is always in need of volunteers, and should you have any questions, or would like to participate in helping us continue to provide our community with the unique activities we do offer, please don’t hesitate to contact any one of us.

The cooperation between the Longlac and Geraldton snow clubs allows for a much larger network of trails from Geraldton to Longlac .

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