Kenogamisis Fish and Game Lead by new President

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How to stay good bye to a community that you love.

As many of you may have heard, yes I have decided to leave my home here in Geraldton and relocate to Sudbury.

Not a easy decision when you already enjoy living in a wonderful small community like Greenstone. So many opportunities, so many things to do; and don’t let others tell you any different!  Living in a small community is all about giving back to your community. I do have deep roots in Greenstone, born in Hillsport then Nakina, on to Longlac and now Geraldton for the past 13 years.  The life of a volunteer in a small community can be very satisfying. There’s always someone or some organization looking for help. Volunteering is a great way to network and a great way to grow and learn. I have enjoyed every minute I have volunteered in these communities over the many years, with the main goal of making the place we call home a better place to live. The hard thing for me has been giving up my position of president for the Kenogamisis Fish and Game and Geraldton Snow Club. Two wonderful organizations that have flourished in the past few years. But I’m happy to report that these clubs are in very good hands and will continue to service our community for many more years to come. At the Kenogamisis Fish and Game, Donna Pelletier, current Vice-President of the club has taken on the roll of President. Donna brings 20 plus years with this organization and is the lead organizer for the Geraldton Walleye Classic of which this year will be it’s 26th year! Dave Davis has taken on the Vice-President position, Dave brings several decades of involvement with this club and has been instrumental in getting us out of many jack-pots over the years!  Together, along with our other volunteer members, they will be bring new adventure to the organization and community.

We are still working on getting a new board of directors for the Geraldton Snow Club. This should happen in the next few weeks, we already have a few key people lined up to take this club over. I’m also confident that both the Longlac and Geraldton snow clubs will strive with the continued support of permit buyers from our community and permit buyers from across Ontario and the USA.

As for me, I’ll be still lending a hand, providing advice from afar. But generally I will be taking a bit of time to get familiar with my new surrounding before I start looking for volunteering opportunity. Till next time.

Michel Lafrance. Pass president of the Kenogamisis Fish and Game, Geraldton Snow Club.

We yet to find a new president for the Geraldton Snow Club operation. Should you have an interest please get in contact with us.