Test Drive OFSC Trails.

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The long weekend of February has been an exciting weekend for people in Greenstone for many years.

The infamous Moosecalac held in Longlac has gone through many transformations over the past 40+ years. One of the most famous events of the weekend was the Moosecalac dance. This dance was done on the ice surface at the Longlac  SportsPlex, with literally a thousand people in attendance on average, give or take a few! It’s hard to imagine seeing a thousand people in one setting at any time now a days! That wasn’t the case back in the heydays of our communities with there was plenty of people around then. Bands were ordered in for entertainment, Much Music played a few years, DJ’s played the dances etc. Last call was at 1 am, but that didn’t seems to slow them down, it wasn’t till 3 sometimes 4 am before everyone was out. I’m sure many of you still have a Moosecalac mug to prove you went. And I’m sure you all remember trying to dance on the slippery ice surface. Yes there were a few injuries for sure, that’s why there aren’t anymore dances on the ice surface. Being February, it could be a very cold walk home if you didn’t have a ride! I remember being a Rink Rat back in the mid 80’s. Clean up after the dance was always fun, because when the lights came on, that’s when we could get rich. In the dim lights of the evening many would lose money and we were the “rat’s” that would find it after they all left! I remember one time finding a $50 bill and we usually went home with a few extra mugs. People from across Northern Ontario would come down for this event with the Snowmobile race being the main focus of the weekend. There were other activities as well, Snowshoe races, Polar dipping, snowmobile touch parade are a few that I could remember. Ah how times have changed! The event is still going strong, thanks to the many volunteers that work hard at keeping the event running well. Former residents still make it a point of returning to Longlac for this weekend. For many, Moosecalac is just that time of the year when they need to come home for a weekend. Although the venues of the weekend activity have changed over the years, The focus of the event is to bring people together, something that living a small community is all about. Raising money for those  less fortunate in our communities has become one of the main focuses and is certainly very much appreciated by the recipients.

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Photo is Chuck Labelle visiting Greenstone and enjoying the snow.

For snowmobiling evens, if there isn’t anymore racing , we are still very much enjoying the great outdoors. The season is well on it’s way with plenty of the white stuff on the ground! Actually, according to our local meteorologist we have more snow right now then we had at this time last year. We have listed all of our up-coming rides and poker rally on our Facebook page and web site www.snowclub.ca  So look it up and come join us. The weekend of February 14th to 16th is know as the “test drive of the OFSC trails” This is a weekend for the snowmobiler who hasn’t purchased a trail permit, to come out and legally ride the trails with us. You simply need to print off your weekend pass from  https://permits.ofsc.on.ca/ then ride the trails for the weekend. Here you’ll get to see our awesome trail system and view some very nice scenery.  On Monday Febuary 16th. We are planning a ride up to Caramat, so come and join us! As always have a safe and enjoyable weekend.